Teacher Training

Are you an aerialist and would you like to improve your teaching skills? Do you know exactly what to do in an emergency during class and in what cases you are personally liable? Would you like to create a lesson plan or learn the latest injury prevention strategies?


International expert Amanda Miles will come to Rotterdam and give a teacher training in the Tall Tales Studio. Her in-depth and holistic approach is intended for teachers who want to develop their teaching skills as well as aerial acrobats and artists who want to learn to pass on their knowledge. This five-day course covers four core aerial disciplines: trapeze, hoop, silks and rope.


The course closes with a teaching sample session, providing the teacher trainees the opportunity to create a curriculum and test real learning situations.

  • Monday, July 15, 10:00
May 2024

I, , declare that I will accept, respect and abide by the explanation, rules & terms and conditions as written below.

rules & terms and conditions – Tall Tales Studio


Be safe:

- All training and use of equipment is at your own risk. 

- All autonomous training is completely unsupervised. We trust that everyone who trains in the studio is able to judge their own safety. Please use the mats and other safety materials which are available. If you are unsure about practicing a specific skill or anything else, don’t do it.

- You can only use the rigging system if you have been instructed and cleared. Because the rigging system is a bit unusual, we need to be strict about the use of the rigging. 

- Check if the aerial apparatus and the longe are secured correctly and undamaged before using.

- The Circus Studio can not be held responsible for any accidents, injuries or damages, including those that happen if our material breaks down. 

- Never train aerials alone. You are only allowed to use aerial equipment when there are other users in the training space.

Be clean:

- No outdoor shoes are allowed in the Circus Studio. All outdoor shoes have to be stored in the dressing room before entering the studio.

- Glassware, food and drinks, with the exception of water, are not allowed in the training space.

- The curtains in the studio are fireproofed and can not handle water. Please make sure the curtains don’t come in contact with any liquids.

- You are allowed to use the kitchen when you wash your own dishes in the end of the day

- You are allowed to use the fridge during your training, when you take your stuff out of the fridge at the end of your training.  

- Put materials back in the storage after you use them.

- Leave personal belongings in the dressing room.

- Valuable personal belongings can be stored in lockers, they are free of charge. Keys are present in the locker. Take the key into the training space, at the end of your training, hang the key back in the locker and take your belongings. 

Be respectful:

- Playing music is allowed, as long as it does not disturb other users or the neighbours in the building.  

- Do not use the equipment of others without asking the owners. In the large storage there is a shelf with “general use” materials, which you can use any time as long as you put them back. All “general use” materials are marked with blue tape.

Be helpful:

If you are the last user in the Circus Studio, please make sure all the materials are in the storage, the windows and doors are closed and that the lights are turned off. There is a light button when you enter the Circus Studio Training space, on the column close to the sound system, in the dressing room and toilet.

- We try to keep prices as low as possible. In return we ask our regular members to donate some of their time to help us out every once in a while, to make the studio even better!

- Follow instructions of the staff and other volunteers.

Terms and Conditions

Payment - If you like to train or participate in a course/masterclass, you need a paid membership. Your membership needs to be paid before you are allowed to join the class. 

Courses and masterclasses

With your payment you are secured with a spot in the class. Did you already pay, but you don’t want to participate anymore and like to have your money back? You need to send an email to: circusstudio@talltales.nl with the request of canceling your course/masterclass. Depending on the starting date of the course/masterclass and the date of cancelling we adhere the following refund: 

  • canceling 60 days before the start of the course/masterclass you get 100% refund of the entire amount
  • canceling 30 days before the start of the course/masterclass you get 50% refund of the entire amount
  • canceling 14 days before the start of the course/masterclass you get 25% refund of the entire amount
  • canceling between 13-0 days before the start or during the course/masterclass, no refund possible.

General Data Protection Regulation - Circus Studio Rotterdam has a strict privacy policy. 

Storage data
The data collected in your members account is stored in our own relationship management system. The data will in no way be made available to third parties. They will not be lent, rented, sold, or otherwise disclosed.

Changing data
In your members account you can adjust your own personal data at any time. You have the right to access your data at all times. Do you want your member account to be completely deleted? Let us know and we will take care of it.

For questions about our privacy policy, you can always contact us: circusstudio@talltales.nl

Camera surveillance - We have camera surveillance. There are two cameras in the training space. The images are automatically deleted after two weeks. We only keep the images for a longer time in case of special events (theft, accidents, etc.). We have the camera surveillance for multiple reasons: 

  • To secure safety for people and material. If an accident happens, something goes missing or there is a problem with the rigging we can check what happened.
  • To do control moments: since the studio is an unsupervised space, every now and then we will do a random check to see if everybody remembered to check in and pay, when they are in the studio.  

Own risk - All training and use of equipment is at your own risk. The Circus Studio can not be held responsible for any accidents, including those that happen if our material breaks down. 

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